Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Baby Gentry :: Austin Baby Photographer

As many of you know, we have three amazing children. Gentry Tate is our littlest. Last week she turned 14 months old. A couple of months before that was her first birthday. And this past summer she turned six months old. We took photos of it all, but like many a third child, we're just now getting around to editing them.

Here's our little bundle of joy on her first half birthday:


Check out our beautiful girls!

A rarely-taken photo of all five of us on Gentry's First Birthday! (photo credit: papa)

This baby ADORES her big brother and sister!

And I challenge you to find a more smitten brother.

Gentry's birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, so instead of the traditional cake smash, we did a pumpkin pie smash.

She wasn't terribly impressed.

Palmer showing off his skills on the rings.

And one more shot of our beautiful Georgia.

Location tip: When you're scouting a location for your family photos, you don't need a place with ornate fountains or crazy architecture. A lot of time that stuff is really distracting and takes away from the focus of the photos: your family. All of these photos were taken at the school playground/park down the street from our house.

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